Book Review: Boo Ford Escape From slavery

“boo Ford escape” is a fast paced action thriller written by Danuta Coward. Boobie Ford had to bail out of a life of crime, and she made way into uncharted territory when her abusive husband disappeared and left her with a small fortune to live on. When a storm hits the area, destroying much of the city, many of the local merchants are killed. Boobie must find out what happened to her husband, while struggling to deal with the demons of her past and the greed of her new employer, Emmett Brittenham.

I have read quite a few books about Boobie and her plight. In my opinion this novel was a good one. I think the characters were convincing and the story well told. The escape part was fast paced, but then again, I liked that Boobie returned to the big city, which added to the adventure and kept me reading. Click here for more details about бу форд эскейп

The plot revolves around a local bully named Joe Jackson, who is a part of the local rough-hewn gangs. He has been assigned to babysit Boobie for a few days, but when she refuses to go, he locks her up in his van, threatening to harm her or even kill her. Boobie has taken refuge in an old house she picked up from an old lady on her cross-roads; she has no money and very little food. Her only companion is a horse that belongs to Emmett. He does not care for her no matter what she does. She needs to escape to get help and find Joe, but Joe is elusive and will stop at nothing to keep his secret.

The plot is what made me continue reading. There is a lot of action especially towards the end, when Boobie finds herself alone with Joe in the woods. They must rely on a generator to keep them going long enough to make it to safety. What a terrific set-up for this action-packed book. I also like how Boobie and Joe develop a friendship over the span of the book. I could see where Ford was going with the character, but didn’t know where it would take her until the end.

Overall, this is a book I will always recommend to others. It’s a fast-moving story that keeps you guessing until the end. I liked the way the author wrote it. She kept you interested throughout and kept you wanting for more. The descriptions of the old town and the surroundings were accurate and I got a good feel for the place.

If you are looking for a book about a daring escape, this one has it. This isn’t your typical escape novel where the main characters are running from the law or getting into trouble. But, instead, it is more of a coming of age story and an exploration of friendship. It is a quick read, but one that offers some great payoff. For children and adults alike, this book is a great read.

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